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Elder Futhark Bindrune

Our bindrune combines five Elder Futhark Runes. Together they create a bindrune that allows Illordia Hunts Paranormal to both be and feel safe while conducting investigations. To ensure that extra mile on top of best practice that no malevolence reaches our sanctuary that is home.  It also allows us to potentially enhance investigations.

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The Five Runes

The five runes, from top left, clockwise are as follows:

1) Eihwaz, the Yew tree (enlightenment, transitions)

2) Algiz, the antler (protection of self, and property from negative energies

3)Thurisaz, the thorn (protection through foresight, vigilance, and good fortune

4)Kenanz, representing openings( light expunges the dark, harmony with the universe and adds power to the bindrune

5)Ansuz, representing the universe, and divinity (Divine communication, spiritual awakening and knowledge

Interestingly when combined there is a hidden rune of Elder Futhark which appears in our bindrune. It is the two instances of an "x", and these are called "Gebo", representing gifts and fellowship/partnership.

Ghosties Merchandise

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